AquaOmnes Technology

Current desalination methods, which include thermal and membrane based technologies, focus on extracting the water rather than the salt. This has led to four major challenges in the industry today:

  1. High energy demand, which translates into high operating costs
  2. Difficulties handling the salts, thus requiring expensive anti-corrosive materials, antiscalants and exponential cost increases with increased salinity
  3. Inability to selectively extract and valorize monovalent, divalent or specific cations as well as sulfates
  4. No reasonably affordable treatment solution for highly concentrated brine


AquaOmnes® is an innovative, patented technology that instead removes the salt out of salty water, leaving water behind. The key to the technology is a proprietary ion-absorbing liquid named Flionex® which is used to bind salts. Flionex® is based on a liquid-liquid deionization technology which allows for the following features:

  1. Ability to selectively remove or retain certain salts by customizing the chemical properties of the Flionex® according to your demands
  2. Ability to remove massive quantities of salt from any brines and salty effluents including seawater
  3. Low energy expenditure because it works at ambient pressure and temperature
  4. Significantly higher water recovery rates than other methods thanks to its ability to overcome the scaling issue.

Adionics is therefore introducing a new approach in desalination: smart desalination.

As part of our technology, we have developed a range of proprietary solutions to meet a variety of industrial needs: our services go from the production of freshwater all the way to the customized creation of valuable effluents and/or hyperbrines (concentrations far above 70gr/L).





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