A unique solution for direct lithium extraction

The decarbonization of economies is a major challenge

The transport sector is responsible for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions and must shift towards clean mobility, particularly electric.

Forecasts for the development of electric vehicles (EV) are therefore fundamental in predicting the demand for lithium.

The percentage of world electric vehicles could represent between 30 and 50% of the total number of vehicles in 2050. Demand for Lithium is skyrocketing.

Lithium supply shortage is strongly expected in the upcoming years if Lithium production is not accelerated

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The advanced ionic solution

The technology developed by Adionics is based on the implementation of a patented process of selective extraction of salts. It uses liquid-liquid extraction technologies (absorption / desorption process of ionic species from brine) to produce a purified lithium chloride concentrated brine.

Our Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) is a great lever to reduce the environmental footprint along energy, water, production time:

very low energy

requirement means that it can be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and geothermal energy.

Lowest consumption

of fresh water obtained after recycling and feed water is valorised at its maximum level.

lowest CO2 footprint

to reach nominal production, insensitivity to climatic conditions. Critical point to meet the strong demand from Lithium batteries manufacturers.

Flexible technology

applicable to a large panel of Li rich brine composition: from 50 mg to more than 50g of Li per Liter.

Sustainable lithium and Green mobility

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Lithium Production

Adionics process allows direct selective extraction of lithium chloride from Li rich brines with high Recovery and high Purity.

battery recycling

By 2030, the amount of batteries becoming available for a second life or recycling will increase over 30x Adionics is also investing in R&D to adapt its process and media to unlock Lithium recycling from batteries.

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