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ADIONICS’ promise consists in its unique offering to the mining sector, enabling not only a significant optimization of lithium production but also alignment with more environmentally friendly practices. Our liquid-liquid lithium extraction technology, based on our patented LLE Process and organic phase Flionex®, sets ADIONICS apart by its ability to deliver lithium chloride of exceptional purity, surpassing the results of conventional methods.


Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) refers to a set of advanced technologies and processes designed to extract lithium directly from brine sources, without the need for extensive evaporation ponds.


We implement a closed-loop liquid-liquid extraction process that continuously, efficiently and sustainably recovers lithium salts from brines: salt flats, geothermal water, production water, battery recycling.

Liquid media Flionex®

Our technology stands out by using Flionex®, a patented, non-flammable, and highly specialized formulation that allows lithium salt extraction from brine without the use of traditional reagents.

high purity lithium recovery rates

This process achieves robust and high lithium recovery rates and unparalleled lithium salt purity, while saving up to 90% strip water due to its thermal regeneration process. It is the must within DLE systems in minimizing water usage and environmental impact.

ADIONICS’ vision is set against a backdrop of ecological transformation, where the electrification of the global automobile flee and the storage of renewable electricity appears to be a central pivot towards a more sustainable future. With 70% of its current global production dedicated to the electric vehicle industry, and in the context of numerous gigafactory projects, the need to increase lithium production is both urgent and critical.

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Lithium Extraction

Faced with the imperative of decarbonization and the imminent prohibition of thermal engine cars, the role of lithium becomes crucial. Our liquid-liquid salt lithium extraction technology sets ADIONICS apart by its ability to deliver continuously lithium chloride of exceptional purity, surpassing the results of other methods.

Lithium battery recycling

ADIONICS, recognizing the soaring demand for lithium-ion batteries, is at the forefront of exploring innovative techniques to extract lithium. One of the key strategies involves reclaiming lithium from used batteries through advanced recycling processes. By doing so, ADIONICS aims to alleviate pressure on natural resources and reduce reliance on traditional extraction methods.

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