Adionics technology is applicable to a wide range of Lithium rich brines which allow us to answer to numerous market challenges:

Lithium Rich Salars

Adionics direct lithium extraction applies to lithium rich salar brines

Our technology can be applied directly with natural brines or with pre concentrated brines (from evaporation ponds) allowing hybrid systems

Adionics’ technology makes it possible to achieve lithium extraction yields from 85 to 99% when the historical process ranges between 35 and 60%.

Overall Lithium reserves from brines are considerably increased as we unlock access to magnesium and sulfate rich brines not usable by the usual processing schemes.

battery Recycling

Adionics is expanding its core recycling knowledge to tackle the challenges surrounding the rapidly increasing amounts of Electrical Vehicles and stationary battery waste as well as fast growing scrap resulting from more manufacturing.


Unlock the potential from geothermal brines.

When geothermal heat is valorized from lithium rich brines, Adionics’ Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) can be applied on cooled brines with no need for solubilized ionic metal removal pre-treatment. Lithium salt and other metallic salts can be valorized.

Produced water

Adionics DLE solution allows treatment of brines with solubilized organics.