Industrial Water

There are currently many open questions in the industrial water field: What to do with brines? Can I value my effluents? How can I improve my environmental footprint? Can I improve my process through smart water? Or reduce the cost of salt removal?


Currently, the many drawbacks of desalination have made it a poor and rarely considered option for industrial water. This is in part because with current desalination techniques, the more salinated the water, the higher the desalination costs. The relationship can even be exponential. However, this is not the case with Adionics’ solutions. Thanks to AquaOmnes® and its three specialized variants SelectEx®, SmartEx® and SaltEx®, each industry will be able to find a solution to meet their needs. Furthermore, our technology allows for the selective removal of salts. The extraction of valuable salts could produce an additional revenue source for industries.


These features are obviously well suited for small to medium size projects such as those in the food & beverage industry, pharma or other niche markets.

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