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🌍 What happens in #PDAC2023 doesn’t stay in #PDAC2023!François-Michel Colomar, our Sales Director, is back after an amazing Convention in Toronto this week. 🙌 Thanks to the organizers for this great event. Adionics was also present at the EuroGeoSurveys EU Networking on Securing raw materials for the Green and…

international women’s rights day

womensrightday adionics

#EmbraceEquity is the 2023 #InternationalWomensDay Campaign. It is a global celebration of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. It is a day to come together and show our solidarity for the cause of women’s rights and gender equality. 🙌 Big up to…

PDAC 2023


Our Sales Director François-Michel Colomar will be attending Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the annual Mineral Exploration & Mining convention in Toronto. If you are there and want to learn more about Adionics and its #sustainable technology of Direct Lithium Extraction, let’s connect 🤝

Gérard Larcher EN VISITE

adionics larcher

✔ Le weekend dernier, Adionics a fait découvrir la vaste étendue de nos métiers, au service de la #transitionenergetique au Village de la Chimie à la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. Merci à Gérard Larcher d’être venu rencontrer notre CEO Gabriel Toffani. 🙌 Bravo à Gilles le Maire et à toutes…

Village de la Chimie


Adionics vous attend au Village de la Chimie à la Cité des sciences et de l’industrie à Paris. 📍Rendez-vous au Stand E19 pour découvrir une entreprise française qui innove avec une solution révolutionnaire d’extraction de #cleanlithium

Events in 2023

adionics events 2023 1

📅 Already in mid-January! We share with you our events2023 will be full of seminars and conventions ! Mark your Calendars: ✅ Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) in March 📍 Toronto✅ Drive to Zero in April 📍 Paris✅ Fastmarkets Metals and Mining Lithium Supply…

clean lithium

Adionics geothermal

“Making lithium mining more sustainable”: it’s possible with our unique technology of liquid-liquid extraction.✔ Very low energy requirement✔ Lowest consumption of water✔ Lowest CO2 Footprint✔ High purity and high recovery of lithium 👉 Adionics is well-placed to deliver high quality lithium for…

CES 2023

adionics cleanlithium direct lithium extraction laboratory

✔ The #CES2023 returned to Las Vegas last week and a large part of the event was about innovations across the automotive industry. New electric vehicles have been presented with the promise of reaching even greater distances. Adionics‘technology allows to deliver high-quality lithium for…

Happy new year

adionics endofyear

✨ On our last social post of the year we’d like to take the opportunity to wish you seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year from all of us here at Adionics. 

DLE Technology ready to commercialise

liquid to liquid extraction

💥 Adionics is among the best of Direct Lithium Extraction technologies and we are ready to commercialise. Two pilot plants of #cleanlithium have been built and commissioned! These pilot plants have a capacity of production of 15 tons of lithium chloride per year.…

Sommet international Lithium

adionics cleanlithium direct lithium extraction laboratory

📣 Cette semaine, dans l’émission de Jean-Marc Four sur France Inter, on parlait du lithium, le grand enjeu du monde qui vient… Et en effet, le sommet international sur le lithium s’est tenu en début de semaine à Buenos Aires, en Argentine et Adionics y était…


adionics ifp webinar web 1

Last week, our Sales Director François-Michel Colomar was the host of the IFP School Webinar. It was a great talk about Lithium, a fast-growing Industry and about our Direct #cleanlithium Extraction. It was a great occasion to create a sketchnote with Adrien Liard 👇 

Argentina LATAM

summit lithium argentina 1

📅 The official Argentina & LATAM #Lithium Summit will take place on the 28th-29th of November in Buenos Aires. Argentina’s lithium key players will gather to present the latest opportunities and upcoming projects. Adionics will be there with François-Michel Colomar and Federico LAVALLE COBO.

About Lithium


📣 Excellent Article of La Tribune today written by Emmanuel Hache, Valerie Mignon and Pauline Bucciarelli. The next two decades lithium demand wave could be like nothing we’ve ever seen before in recent history. The International Energy Agency forecasts that for 2040 demand is set to…

Webinar IFP School

ifp logo

📅 In a few days, our Sales Director François-Michel Colomar will be the host of the IFP School Webinar. It will be a great pleasure to share our experience in the fast-growing lithium mining industry and #deeptech Adionics‘ activity. And how the disruptive Adionics‘ #cleanlithium technology will contribute to #energytransition success.

Adionics’ team on the field

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✈ Adionics‘s team was on the field! Gabriel Toffani, Loïc Bernard, Federico LAVALLE COBO and François-Michel Colomar were in Argentina and Chile. One step closer for the installation of our Pilot CL15 and Pre-Industrial plant CL250 in Latin America.  🚀 Adionics is growing strongly to contribute to accelerating lithium…

Article in Innovation News Network


📣Discover how Adionics is well-placed to deliver high-quality lithium for the growing market with its Direct Lithium Extraction technologyDon’t miss the article page 76 about #cleanlithium and #cleanenergytransition. Our CEO, Gabriel Toffani, explained how the company is set to meet the demand for high-quality lithium and support…

Adionics au Chili


L’Ambassadeur de France au Chili, Pascal TEIXEIRA, a reçu quatre représentants de Adionics, Gabriel Toffani, François-Michel Colomar, Federico LAVALLE COBO et Loïc Bernard, entreprise dont la technologie d’extraction directe du lithium est reconnue par le secteur. La technologie d’Adionics permet contribue à l’accélération de la production de lithium de…

World Energy Day

energy day

🌍 Adionics celebrates the World Energy Day. We are a major actor with a groundbreaking solution for Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) in a booming market, whilst at the same time being part of the movement to decarbonise the industry and the energy transition.

we are hiring


🚀Adionics grandit et accélère sa croissance. Nous recherchons un.e assistante.e de direction commercial.e trilingue✔Envie de participer à un projet d’entreprise innovant ? Rejoignez nos équipes, elles vous attendent !👉 

Ten years of innovation

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Adionics celebrating 10 years of innovation! A few figures since 2012 we’ve:✔ Finalised our clean lithium technology✔ Increased our international presence✔ Doubled our internal talent✔ Succeeded testing of our preindustrial plant – CL250 👉To learn more about Adionics, follow us here and check out our website: 💥 We are excited to…

WE’re hiring


🚀 Following our rapid growth, we are hiring a Business Analyst BI. ️If you are searching for an opportunity where you can take all of your years of experience and contribute to push forward the innovation in the Lithium Industry please use…