Adionics technology

ADIONICS has developed a technology based on the implementation of a patented process of selective extraction of salts. Liquid-liquid extraction based on a selective and thermally regenerated salt absorbent: Flionex®.

ADIONICS’ promise consists in its unique offering to the mining sector, enabling not only a significant optimization of lithium production but also alignment with more environmentally friendly practices. Our liquid-liquid lithium extraction technology, based on our patented Process and Flionex®, sets ADIONICS apart by its ability to deliver lithium chloride of exceptional purity, surpassing the results of other methods.


Extraction at an ambient temperature


Regeneration at higher temperature

What makes our approach revolutionary is the combination of increased operational efficiency and reduced ecological footprint. Partner companies benefit from significantly lower costs, with overall investments reduced by up to 30% compared to traditional techniques, and operational costs reduced by about 20%. A major environmental innovation accompanies this economic efficiency, our process reducing water consumption by more than 90%, a significant advance in natural resource management.