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“Clean Lithium” Technology

Adionics DLE pilote abu dhabi

Adionics raises €7 Million to industrialise its “Clean Lithium” Technology for Green Mobility. Thanks to our new Investors and our Shareholders for their support! Bpifrance and Supernova Invest

La French Fab


The best of Industry, the best of Future, is La French Fab Community and Adionics is part of it! #cleanenergy #cleanlithium #adionics #FrenchFab

Transformation of the French Industry

La French Fab - Adionics

With France Relance, the French Government is committed to accelerate Transformation of the French Industry. Adionics is proud to be among the Winners and to benefit from a Grant of more than 500k€ to pursue its Industrial and Commercial Dynamics!…

The Industrial Ecosystem across France.


Aunched in October 2017 by Minister for the Economy and Finance, La French Fab brings together, under one common banner, the Industrial Ecosystem across France. Adionics is positionned as a Global Industrial Leader in Clean Lithium. This Forward-Looking and Sustainable…