About Lithium

ūüď£ Excellent Article of¬†La Tribune¬†today written by¬†Emmanuel Hache,¬†Valerie Mignon¬†and¬†Pauline Bucciarelli.

The next two decades lithium demand wave could be like nothing we’ve ever seen before in recent history. The International Energy Agency forecasts that for 2040 demand is set to increase 42 times compared to 2020. So the way Lithium is produced¬†must¬†evolve to allow a better extraction (better yield, better purity, less freshwater usage and less energy consumed!).¬†Adionics‚Äô technology can extract a high quality lithium with a remarkably high extraction yield and an unequalled purity.

Our Direct¬†#Cleanlithium¬†Extraction is a great technology to reduce the environmental footprint: it doesn’t consume reagents and has the lowest need of freshwater.¬†