Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, there are two types of desalinated water needs, both of which may be addressed by Adionics technology.


While the petrochemical industry is energy intensive, most leading players are committed to lowering their environmental footprint. One way to do this is to reduce the energy expenditure associated with the industry’s huge water needs, which is even more critical as operations often take place in the driest parts of the world. Indeed, energy associated with sea water desalination remains a major environmental, technical and economic challenge for the oil and gas industry. Furthermore, recent developments have shown that using partially desalinated water or low hardness saline water, results in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

This is why AquaOmnes® is particularly well-suited for this industry. Our low energy requirement is unmatched for sea water and brine desalination. This makes it compatible with local waste heat and solar energy which is highly available in many oil and gas rich regions. Furthermore, selective, customizable desalination with our SmartEx® and SelectEx® technologies is one of the major advantages offered by Adionics.



The oil and gas industry generates extremely large quantities of waste water. Indeed, the volume of waste water can be up to five to six times the quantity of produced oil. Furthermore, waste water salinity can reach very high concentrations, with total dissolved solids sometimes exceeding 150 grams per liter.

Our proprietary SaltEx® Technology is ideal for meeting this need. It not only allows for the desalination of this waste water with very low energy requirements, it also allows the customer to capture and valorise selected salts. With our technologies we could envision recycling this waste water into water usable for the oil production process as injection water. Furthermore, co-produced water from some oil fields in some parts of the world contains valuable metals such as lithium and vanadium, which could be extracted and commercialized.


More explanation in the embedded 20' video "go for smart desalination now" captured at San Diego IDA World Congress (September 2015)

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