Greenhouse gas emission reduction, mainly CO2, is generating a massive implementation of renewable energy power plants, as well as a high growth of e-mobility through electrical vehicles sales.

Because of daily fluctuating sun, wind and electricity use, energy storage through Lithium-Ion Batteries has become a key link to allow overall quick deployment of this new economy of tremendous potential and hope for a more serene future.


For Lithium industrial suppliers, this sudden surge in global demand is a great opportunity but also a great challenge as their production means are quite slow to scale-up.

In particular, for Lithium extraction from continental brine, the use of evaporation ponds generates times to market as long as 18 months with Lithium recovery levels often limited to 50% or less because of lithium co-precipitation with magnesium and/or sulfate.

Adionics, with its SelectEx Lithium solution brings to this growing market the missing tool to quickly answer to these increased production needs as it allows selective Lithium chloride (LiCl) extraction from brine, whatever the brine’s concentration in magnesium or sulfate, with a process naturally valorizing high chloride concentrations.

SelectEx Lithium operates with no chemicals as the extraction driving forces are Cl/Li ratio as well as temperature swing. This approach allows effective Lithium recoveries (>80%) as well as the production of a LiCl rich effluent (concentration factors up to 20) with no divalent cations (Mg, Ca…).

For additional value, SelectEx Lithium can be combined to SelectEx Potassium in order to allow LiCl and KCl selective extraction from continental brines for valorization.




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