Lithium has become a star

Alessandro Blasi – IEA Executive Director – highlights prominence of lithium in the clean energy transition is undeniable.

💥 What miners and governments are looking after when comparing DLE is not only the performance in recovery but as well the capacity of the DLE to be selective towards Lithium only (hence high purity within the DLE system), the lowest energy and fresh water consumption. Adionics has developed its DLE to answer those challenges.

⚡ Adionics DLE technology allows high Li yield, high LiCl purity and a process innovation around Lithium carbonate reactor that enables to recycle 95% of water back. All of this makes our process using a few m³ fresh water /t LCE for such lithium brines.

🔁 This is the added value of Adionics technology, a full reversible chemical complexation of LiCl with our liquid media: the FLIONEX. Our Flionex does not extract, amongst many others, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfate and Boron.

☑ The performance of our technology is predicted accurately thanks to our modelling tool developed since 10 years for our technology- any prediction done to customer on lithium extraction yield and Lithium Chloride Eluate composition is validated by more than 1000 hours continuous operation on various brines.

Discussing with Bpifrance Le Hub, ADIONICS’ CEO, Gabriel Toffani, explains how the company is set to meet the demand for high-quality lithium and support the electric vehicle market.