DLE Technology ready to commercialise

đŸ’„ Adionics is among the best of Direct Lithium Extraction technologies and we are ready to commercialise. Two pilot plants of #cleanlithium have been built and commissioned!

These pilot plants have a capacity of production of 15 tons of lithium chloride per year. And it was a success! We produced high yield, high purity, high concentration lithium chloride production. These groundbreaking results demonstrate once again the process robustness and repeatability. 

🚀 Adionics also has a pre industrial plant: the CL250 to realize long runs and perform a definitive feasibility study and be ready for upscaling our technology to industrial scale. And it was a success too!

Gabriel Toffani confirms “our technological leadership in the DLE market and our will to industrialize our process in the next months, aiming to be the DLE world leader. I want to congratulate Adionics team, shareholders and partners who helped make this success”