Critical Raw Materials: ensuring secure and sustainable supply chains for EU’s green and digital future

🆕 Last week, European Commission proposed a comprehensive set of actions to ensure the EU’s access to a secure, diversified, affordable and sustainable supply of #criticalrawmaterialsAdionics, a European deeptech, is ready to contribute to #energytransition with its revolutionary and #sustainable technology for #lithiumextraction. Major challenges remain to ensure that lithium mining results in social and economic benefits while being sustainable. Adionics is set to meet the demand for high-quality lithium and support the electric vehicle market.

👉 Our technology brings to market an efficient (+95% yield), sustainable (low water and energy needs, no chemical reagents) and cost-competitive alternative for battery-grade lithium production from salar, geothermal and process brines.

📣 To read the Regulations in full, access the document on the European Commission website here 👇