Our Team


Who is the Founder of Adionics?


Guillaume de Souza is the Founder of Adionics. He obtained an engineering degree at ENSTA ParisTech and a masters in Fluid Mechanics at Paris UPMC in 1993. Then, he worked at Air Liquide for 14 years, as a specialist in gas separation.  He won the French National Competition for entrepreneurship in innovative technologies “Créa-Dev” in 2011 after having invented AquaOmnes. Innovating through sciences to make the world a better place is driving Guillaume’s dreams and projects.


Who runs Adionics?


Patrick Peters is the President and CEO of Adionics. After a Master Degree in a Business School in Lille, Patrick has worked in the field of industrial water treatment and biogaz valorization at Ovive (2000-2011) and Suez Group (2011 - 2017) where he took a position of Managing Director (150 employees). He joined Adionics in 2017.


Dominique Mabire is the EVP Chemistry. Dominique obtained a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Rouen in 1989. He has worked at Guerbet R&D (1989-1991), Jansen (1991-2001) and PCAS (2001-2015) where he served as the Production manager, Factory Director and Group Industrial Director, respectively, and member of the executive committee. He is an expert in everything from designing new molecules to producing tons of them.


Who is behind our patents, innovations and projects?


Adeline, Jacky, Jean-Marie, Stéphane, Thibaut, Justine and Nora are our great team of chemists. They design, create and assess all the molecules that will be used to massively or selectively extract the salts from effluents.


Laura and Jim are the brains behind the conception, modelisation and design processes that allow the chemistry to run properly and affordably.



Our staff is ready to help guide you through our technology and be your partner for your project needs.



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